Apocalypse now

Apocalypse Now is one of my all time favourite films. I really enjoy the madness that runs the whole way through it. It always reminded me of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Both have a surreal nightmare type of feel and are unsettling but manage to be funny and visually beautiful at the same time. My Dad has always shown me surf films since I was small and the screenplay was written by John Milius who also wrote Big Wednesday. Surfing features heavily in the film so I wanted to use a colour scheme that had that feel. My favourite surf film is Endless Summer II so I took the colours from that and set them to work. I feel they convey the tropical claustrophobic heat that is apparent the whole way through the film.

The way I depicted the river is influenced by Willard saying it snaked all the way through Cambodia like a circuit plugged straight into Kurtz, the assassination target he had been set by the military.

I would love some opinions on this as I really love the film. Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year.

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